In case you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best water softener is, then our recommendation is the Aquasure AS-HS64D.

If you live with hard water, you know how much damage it can do to your pipes and appliances. Not to mention the film left on dishes and the dryness of your skin and hair from showering in it. A water softener not only helps to increase the lifespan of your pipes and appliances, but it can also give you healthier skin and hair. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best water softener for your home.

A Quick View of Our Rating

Our #1 rated – Aquasure AS-HS64D

Our #2 rated – ABCwaters Fleck 5600sxt

Our #3 rated – Nuvo H2O Manor System

Our #4 rated – DuraWater Blue Fleck 5600 SXT

Our #5 rated – Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2

Benefits of Water Softening Systems

Pipe System without Scales

Since minerals in hard water can create limescale on your pipes and lead to damage, it can be a huge benefit to prevent them from building up. With the whole-house water softening process, you can remove minerals that cause limescale to form and eliminate the problem. This is an effective method to cut down on plumbing maintenance costs in the long run.

Residue-Free Appliances

When mineral buildup is prevented, you can extend the life of your appliances and reduce leaks. You also will no longer have a bad smell from residue in your water heater, showerheads, bathroom sinks, and faucets.

Smooth Skin and Hair

Hard water can cause your skin to become irritated and your hair becomes dry. With a water softener, you will notice a real difference in the health and smoothness of both your hair and skin.

Softer Clothes

With mineral particles in your water, you will feel a difference in your towels and clothes. Not only will they feel softer and silkier after they are washed, but the fabrics also won’t fray or fade as easily. And, soap and detergent will dissolve better in soft water allowing you to use less detergent when washing the same amount of clothes.

Cleaner and Shinier Dishes

Since a water softener is either removing or altering a mineral’s structure, it can stop it from sticking to the surface of your dishes. This way, you won’t see a film on your glasses or silverware after they are washed.

Types of Water Softeners

Salt-Based Softeners

Often considered a class type of water softener, salt-based softeners are the most popular option on the market. With a wide range of water filtration products out there, the classics ones always stand out. Also known as ion exchange softeners, a salt-based softener requires salt for the softening process to work.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

Not quite as effective as a salt-based softener, a salt-free water softener is actually a water conditioner that does not remove contaminants from your water or reduce hard water minerals. A water conditioner works by making it hard for existing minerals to build up inside your pipes. They will also relieve you of some maintenance issues with your faucets by allowing less limescale to build.

Dual Tank Water Softeners

This type of water softener works in a pair and includes a brined tank along with two large iron tanks. This is a heavy-duty system that works best in a home that has a lot of water consumption. It will provide you with soft water at any time of the day using resin that regenerates after a few gallons of water have been processed.

Considerations When Choosing a Water Softener

Resin Capacity

The capacity is based on how much water you and your family will use on average. Basically, the more family members you have, the larger the capacity you will need. On the other hand, this also means that your softener will not need to regenerate as often.

Available Area

You need to make sure you have enough area around your intake pipe to fit a water softener. Typically, a household is fine using a two-piece product that includes a brine tank and an iron tank. If you are looking at a large dual-tank system, you will need a lot of areas since they also come with a large brine tank. Always get the dimensions of the water softener first to make sure it fits inside the area that you have.

Bypass Valve

The bypass valve lets water bypass the actual softener, which can be handy if you want to fill a pool with water. If you have activities where you won’t need soft water, it’s important to have a valve that is easy to operate and find.

Regeneration Setting

You can have either a timed or metered water softener regeneration setting. If you have a metered system, resin regenerates after a specific amount of water is used. This amount of water is predetermined by you. In comparison, a timed softening system will regenerate in a couple of days based on a prediction of how much water your family will use.

What is the Best Water Softener?

DuraWater Blue Fleck 5600 SXT

This model is made of a commercial-grade resin that improves its durability and gives it a longer lifespan. Its control head makes set up easy and provides an informative display. The entire system includes a brine tank, 10% resin, a control head, and a tank.

The entire system is metered on-demand with a maximum capacity of 64,000 grains. It includes a threaded yoke connection and a bypass valve making assembly simple. Plus, with the bypass valve, you can serve the system or turn it off without having to shut off the main supply of water.

The included install kit features instructions, a sanitizer packet, a lubricant, and a test strip to help you get the whole system started. It also features a brine tank that comes complete with a float and an overflow line that is a two-step prevention process that stops accidental overflows. Also, keep in mind that the style and color will vary on the size of the system


  • It makes a huge difference in the hardness of your water
  • No noticeable drop in water pressure
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade product


  • It can be hard to program the meter
  • You need professional installation

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Nuvo H2O Manor System

Using revolutionary technology, this water softener lowers the pH level of water and prevents scale from building up. It also removes any existing scale and hard water. It has a compact design that fits pretty much anywhere and is perfect for home over 2,000 sq. ft.

Using a basic scientific process of chelation, this model features mineral ions that cause hard water, mainly magnesium and calcium, to bind to a chelating agent. This NuvoH2O proprietary formula is FDA-approved and keeps mineral soluble and will not cause hard water issues. The water you get as a result is healthy and soft for everyone in your home to drink as well as use for washing and bathing.

Without using electricity, wastewater, or salt, this unit can help to extend the life of your appliances, plumbing fixtures, and water heater. It comes with one replacement cartridge, which needs to be replaced every 50,000 gallons. You also get an instruction manual, housing wrench, screws, mounting bracket, and mounting backplate for easy installation.


  • Compact design
  • Revolutionary technology
  • It gives the water a nice flavor
  • There isn’t any mineral residue


  • It doesn’t control the softness as much as the PH of the water

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ABCwaters Fleck 5600sxt

This complete whole-house system features a 48,000-grain capacity and uses an upgraded 10% cross-linked resin. This model is a turn-key package that mixes an entire home water softener with an up-flow carbon filtration system.

It comes with an easy to follow installation guide along with technical support to help you if you have any issues.

This system is perfect for homes with two to five people. It gives you efficient filtration with no need for backwashing, so you won’t need electricity or a drain line since no wastewater is produced. This is a greener filtration and cleaning system that gives you safe water quickly and easily.

Removing a wide variety of contaminants, the up-flow carbon contaminant removal system gets rid of THMs, MTBEs, organics, herbicides, pesticides, chloramines, and chlorine. Additionally, it can get rid of odors and tastes providing a great general filtration system.


  • Carbon filtration system
  • Easy installation
  • No wastewater is produced
  • The system gets rid of lot contaminants
  • Water tastes good


  • It’s a little on the expensive side

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Aquasure AS-HS64D

Providing scale and spot free water that is safe and soft for your entire household, this water softener is perfect for homes with up to seven people. It can treat up to 64,000 grain of hardness and comes with a built-in advanced digital control console. With its efficient performance, it can save hundreds of gallons of water.

Providing soft water that is gentle on your skin, it saves you from skin damage that results from hard mineral irritating your skin and clogging skin pores. It also comes with a completely customizable control head that works easily with most homes. You can customize it to fit your preferences as well as special applications.

It features three types of regeneration including meter delayed control, meter immediate control, and time clock delayed control to give you complete control of your system while allowing you to optimize its performance for your needs. This unit uses a highly efficient digital control head, which allows you to calculate the amount of water it will treat and any backwash they may be needed. This saves water and reduces your need to replenish salt.


  • Everything you need for installation is included
  • You can program your salt usage to your preferences
  • It’s a super quiet unit
  • Easy to use


  • No detailed info on water hardness or how soft to make your water

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Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2

This model has a simple design and advanced features. It is easy to install and program. It also comes with an information display that tells you the volume remaining until the next regeneration, the last regeneration date, and flow rates. And, with a non-volatile memory standard, your settings will never get lost.

It comes with a direct flow design that provides a more efficient operation that requires fewer moving parts. With customizable settings, you can ensure that you have the most efficient salt settings that will save you money and time. And, it also saves you up to 64% on water and up to 75% on salt usage in comparison to other demand systems.

This unit also has a brine tank refill feature that will keep the infectors and brine tank cleaner while the automatic system refresh will get rid of stagnant water following seven days of non-usage, which stops bacteria from growing. And the soft water recharge mode helps to guarantee that soft water is available during heavy water usage.


  • Strong resin crosslink
  • It uses very little salt to work well
  • Information display
  • Brine tank refill feature


  • Not energy efficient
  • Odd setup

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Our Choice

Any of these units will save you from skin damage that results from hard mineral irritating your skin. Our choice was that the best water softener is the Aquasure AS-HS64D. Providing safe and soft water that is scale and spot-free, it is perfect for homes with up to seven people. It can treat up to 64,000 grain of hardness and has a built-in advanced digital customizable control console, so you only have to backwash when necessary.

It features three types of regeneration including meter delayed control, meter immediate control, and time clock delayed control to give you complete control of your system while allowing you to optimize its performance for your needs.