If you are a person who regularly performs outdoor activities or if you are always on the move, then you might want to consider a portable source of energy. A solar power bank is an excellent option that frees us from wall outlets and extra electricity bills by generating power from soaking up the sun’s rays.

In case you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best solar power bank is, then our recommendation is the Jackery Explorer 500 518Wh.

What is a Solar Power Bank?

A solar power bank utilizes solar energy to produce power. Generally, solar energy is the electric power that is derived from sun rays. The conversion of this power can either be indirectly through a concentrated solar panel unit or directly using photovoltaics. These solar panel units make use of mirrors or lenses to focus sunlight on a small beam.

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Our #1 rated – Jackery Explorer 500 518Wh

Our #2 rated – Goal Zero Yeti 1000 1045Wh

Our #3 rated – KYNG Portable 540Wh

Our #4 rated – EF Ecoflow EFDELTA 1200Wh

Our #5 rated – NrgGo 400Wh

How Does a Solar Power Bank Work?

Seemingly, solar power banks have a unique lens that concentrates the sunlight on a small beam that charges the batteries inside. The batteries have a circuit that controls the power flow that is obtained from the sun rays. These cells store the converted electrical energy, which is later used to charge various devices such as your mobile phones.

Benefits of Using a Solar Power Bank

Numerous benefits come with owning these devices that, without a doubt, make life so much easier. Some of the benefits attached to solar power banks include:

  • They are portable, and you can use them anywhere. You just need to be in a place where there is direct access to sunlight.
  • They are flexible and can be used to charge any basic device. You will never have to worry about any power outages as the sunlight will always be present.
  • They can charge devices without any electrical input. This means that you will not have any associated costs attached to the solar power banks.

What are the Different Types of Solar Power Banks?

At present, the market is flooded by different manufacturers who have different concepts and models. As a result, there are various brands and types doing rounds on the market. These are some of the most popular types of solar power banks.

Small portable solar power banks

They are designed to charge a wide range of little gadgets that include mobile phones, iPods, and other small portable devices.

Public solar power banks

They are installed in common areas for people to use them for free.

The fold-out solar power bank

Built for automobiles, these power banks are used to charge the vehicle’s battery by being plugged into the cigar lighter socket.

Camping off grid

Tips for Choosing a Solar Power Bank

When looking for the best solar power bank, there are many things you need to consider before settling on one. If you have any doubt about the factors you should keep in mind when purchasing one of these devices, then you will find these tips very helpful.

Check the Battery Capacity

The lithium battery capacity is arguably one of the most critical factors of any solar power bank. The battery capacity signifies the amount of power the power bank can store, and it is generally expressed using Wh and mAh units.

The best solar power bank should have at least 2,000mAh of battery capacity to be able to charge your phone effectively.

On the other hand, a solar power bank can also have a much higher battery capacity of about 50,000mAh, which is enough to charge most of your handheld devices several times. This can be categorized as a large solar charger.


The main idea behind a portable solar charger is to provide a reliable power source that is off-grid and easy to carry. Top manufacturers should consider this point to offer their customers a small, lightweight, and easy to carry solution.

Verify Solar Power Bank Specifications

The real reason for having a solar power bank is to be able to charge your devices using the sun’s energy without depending on electricity. Since the primary source of power is the solar panel, it is essential to examine the quality of the solar batteries.

Efficiency is the most critical feature here. If the solar charger has low efficiency, the gadget will need a larger portable solar panel and much more time to get the cells fully charged. This will hurt portability and productivity.

What is the Best Solar Power Bank?

EF Ecoflow EFDELTA 1200Wh

This is a portable power bank that has a high-capacity of 1,200 Wh and an output of 1,800W, making it one of the most outstanding power stations on the market. Manufactured by the creators of River portable power stations, it is capable of supporting all your electronics.

Inside this solar-based power station is a powerful 350Ah 3.7-volt lithium battery that has the potential to offer you a life of 800 charging cycles.

Surprisingly, this model has 6 standard AC outlets to connect your large and small home appliances such as ovens, TVs, and fridges. Besides the AC outlets, this power bank features two regular 12W USB outlets, a 12-volt carport, and a few 60W USB-C power delivery ports. It also has a few 28W fast charging ports, taking the count of single charging ports to 13.

You can use all the charging outlets at the same time to power up your gadgets.


  • A higher power output of 1,800W
  • Better surge capacity
  • Lightweight
  • 6 AC sockets


  • Less battery power
  • Small storage capacity

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KYNG Portable 540Wh

This unit is a portable solar power station that has a peak of 1,000W power. This solar generator system also assists you to cope with any electronic issues thanks to its 500W continuous power. Additionally, this power station comes along with a 12 and 24-volt car cigarette lighter socket and an MC4 cable. It has AC outlets that make it an excellent option for domestic use.

Consisting of 4 USB ports, it is an excellent power station for your handheld devices, GoPro cameras, TVs, and other electronics. This portable system comes along with a powerful solar panel system that is powerful enough to run up to 9 gadgets with no over-voltage, overcharging, or overheating risks.

It can be charged by an AC wall adapter, a solar panel, or a 12-volt/24-volt car charger. You can use it as a power supply surge protector for your workstation, desktop pc, and home entertainment system.

When charging with a solar panel, it is advisable to use only one 60W panel. It takes approximately 6 to 7 hours to charge fully from an AC outlet and 6 to 8 hours from a car adapter. You can use it for indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Provides long-lasting and continuous power
  • Can be charged by AC or car charger
  • 4 USB ports


  • Short experience on the market

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Goal Zero Yeti 1000 1045Wh

This is one of the few companies that is gathering a strong reputation in the world of solar generators. Their solar power products provide a source of power to many people who live off the grid or are hugely affected by harsh weather conditions.

This power station is an excellent option for camping trips and other outdoor activities. Thanks to its clean, free, and reliable electricity source, it can also be used for indoor purposes to charge small electronic devices like smartphones and lights.

Weighing at around 40 pounds, it requires severe amounts of solar power to keep it going. Designed with versatility in mind, it has an in-built power surge and a multi-stage protection feature that provides excellent compatibility with most household devices. It works quietly, featuring a patent-pending 15,000W AC inverter that is designed to take on any job inside and outside the home. You will not require having extra extension cords while using this power generator.

Other features include a battery level monitor, an input/output rechargeable meter, a runtime and recharge monitor, and a variety of output ports.


  • Easily rechargeable
  • Replaceable lithium battery pack
  • Superior output for better power


  • Doesn’t have a longer runtime

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Jackery Explorer 500 518Wh

This model offers its users a variety of unique strengths. If you are into outdoor activities, this kind of power station will allow you to get clean power of the grid. Also, it could be of great assistance for people who live in locations where they experience constant power outages.

The battery is a lithium-ion cell that has a capacity of 518Wh and 400mAh. According to the user manual, the battery pack comprises of an array of cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells that offer high energy density. This battery is built to last and is believed it can endure over 500 charging cycles.

As far as recharging is concerned, it can be charged in three ways: through DC carport, AC outlet, or through solar panels. The DC carport and the wall AC outlet come with a power station, while the solar panel is purchased separately.


  • Simple to use
  • Very portable
  • Off-grid power
  • Chargeable by AC, carport and solar panels
  • Over-voltage & temperature protection


  • Charging times

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NrgGo 400Wh

Her we have a reasonably new manufacturing company that makes power stations and solar panels. This unit has an inverter rated at 300W and has a 400Wh battery capacity. Massively versatile, it is powerful enough to power a gaming console or a personal gaming computer. This power station can power a 60W laptop or a Telecommunication Closet for between 5 to 6 hours.

One of its outstanding features includes its screen lights that show you battery percentage, hours to empty or full, input watts, and output watts. Although it does not show you as much information as other power stations, the screen has everything you need for a device its size.

The hours to empty feature is quite resourceful when you want to know how long you will be able to charge a specific gadget or how long a particular solar panel is going to charge the battery fully.

It has 2 AC outlets, 1 cigarette port, and 3 USB ports on the front of the solar power generator. You can turn on or off each type of output with a button that is situated above the ports.



  • Unregulated 12-volt cigarette port

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Our Choice

Solar power banks are the best alternative power sources that assist us in taking care of the environment while supplying us with clean energy. Solar power banks reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and allow us to save money.

Although their buying prices might appear to be on the higher side, the best solar power bank is a cheaper energy source when you consider the lifetime benefits.

Our choice in this case is the Jackery Explorer 500 518Wh. This solar power banks is sleek portable that you can carry to any place for better service. It is built with heavy-duty waterproof materials that are sure to serve you for more extended periods. It is very easy to use and brings several safety features to protect your devices from excess of voltage and temperature.