Have you ever visited a nice hotel and were in awe of the bathroom fixtures? You’re not alone. While many high-end bathroom items might look pricy, they’re relatively easy to find and install, including in your own home. Rain shower heads are one of the most common upgrades that consumers make to washing fixtures.

They can improve water pressure and are very easy to keep clean. Best of all, most models are built to last for years. Below are five of the best rain shower heads found online, chosen for the quality of materials, water pressure, and ease of installation.

But if you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best rain shower head is, then our recommendation is the Voolan 12 inches.

So without further delay, let’s begin! These tips will help you decide on which shower head meets your criteria.

A Quick View of Our Rating

Our #1 rated – Voolan 12 inches

Our #2 rated – NearMoon Square 12 inches

Our #3 rated – NearMoon 12 inches

Our #4 rated – Derpras 16 inches

Our #5 rated – SR Sun Rise 12 inches

Finding the Best Rain Shower Head

For the most part, upgrading to new shower fixtures is pretty simple. There’s no hidden secret to get the right product. As long as you know your shower and water pressure, the rest is pretty straightforward. If you have never attempted to change a shower head before, online videos can help you get familiarized with basic instructions. Of course, always refer to the manual since there are subtle differences between each brand.

Understanding Your Shower’s Water Pressure

Again, water pressure is very important. Try to find out your shower’s water pressure by measuring it with a Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow meter. They’re easy to find and will allow you to know your shower head’s flow rate with precision. On the other hand, you could also find out your flow rate the old fashioned way.

Take an empty one-gallon container of any kind, such as a milk carton, and place it directly over your shower’s nozzles. If it won’t fit, use a wider pan and pour a filled carton of water into it, marking off where the water becomes level.

When using either the carton or pan, run the water until you either get to the gallon fill line. While doing this, be sure to use a timer the moment that water begins to run. Stop the timer when you’re done. To find out your shower head’s GPM, use the number 60, dividing it by how many seconds it took for you to fill the pan.

User Height

Taking into account your height when searching for a rain shower head is a good thing to keep in mind. If you get one that hangs a bit short, you could have problems with the final result.

This means that you should consider the height of your bathroom as well. If you don’t have much clearance, try looking for rain shower heads that have a smaller swivel, or pipe. This is the portion that extends from the wall and goes to the body that the nozzles are attached to.

Getting it Assembled

Assembling a rain shower head is easy to do. Most brands will provide the pieces you need to get them attached. The setup is usually pretty basic: a few nuts, a pipe, possibly handles, and the rain shower head itself. Additionally, you might even receive a wrench with the product. If so, the company will likely indicate its inclusion on the product description page.

What is the Best Rain Shower Head?

NearMoon 12 inches

This model is 12 inches and is suggested for anyone that isn’t familiar with installing shower heads, or plumbing, for the matter. Thanks to the thorough instruction manual that’s included with the product, getting it attached to your shower is easier to do than any other product shown in the list. You can have it done in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Tools are provided as well, along with the fittings that secure the pipe to your bathroom wall. So long as you fasten the nuts tightly, you’ll never experience any sort of leaks and drips from the area in between the shower head and swivel.

Give it a shot if you need something simple enough to prevent you from spending a day trying to figure out the assemblage.


  • Detailed manuals
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Comes with everything needed in order to get it hooked up
  • Doesn’t seep out water


  • High water pressure; pressure regulation recommended

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Voolan 12 inches

This shower head includes everything that you’ll need to get it up and running in no time. It takes only about five minutes to put together and contains a wrench to keep you from rummaging through your toolbox when it arrives.

Not deviating too far from your previous shower head’s water pressure, the flow rate is great but not drowning to the point where you’ll feel as if you’re underwater when you put your head underneath it.

Flow rate should be within the 2.5 GPM range, slightly higher than the average for most rain shower heads. If that doesn’t bother you, then make it your first consideration.

It is recommended for fast installation time and its ability to prevent lime/rust buildup around the silicone nozzles.


  • Wrench is included; no additional tools needed
  • Keeps the water pressure consistent
  • Easy installation
  • Silicone nozzles to prevent lime


  • Water pressure not overly high
  • GPM could be a little too high for saving water

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Derpras 16 inches

This model is made from stainless steel. The exterior has a chrome finish, but don’t worry about it peeling off over time. It’s also rust and lime-resistant, which also includes the nozzles on the head.

You’ll quickly notice how water appears to flow through the entire square section. Because of this, water will cover your entire body, so be careful when operating for the first time. If you need breathing room, you can turn the showerhead slightly to the desired position that you want. After being used for a while, the flow rate should remain the same.

No clogging should occur when the shower head is maintained with normal cleaning routines. Consider using vinegar to keep the chrome and nozzles in a like-new state. It’s the best rain shower head for people with moderate to large-sized showers.

The shower head is heavy to the point of feeling more durable than the handle that carries it


  • Water comes out throughout the entire shape
  • 16 inches square
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t clog too quickly


  • Heavy in comparison to the handle that carries it

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SR Sun Rise 12 inches

This shower head works wonders at keeping your water flowing from the nozzles at a good rate of speed. However, it’s not the point of shooting out with too much pressure. The coverage is great, with an equal amount of flow from every individual nozzle on the shower head.

That means no splashing or fast streams of water to take your eyes off guard. It’s a mirror finish and you’ll be able to make out your entire reflection. And best of all, there are minimal water stains. Most water will bead up and drop away on its own.

Just your regular cleanup routine can ensure that no buildup of soap scum occurs. As for lime and rust, it’ll never develop anywhere on the shower head. The nozzles contain a gel made from silicone that reduces rust and lime growth.

It can get pretty loud. If you’ve never used a rain shower head before, the noise level increases when the water pressure is raised. But with this model, you’ll hear if clearly from several feet away from another room. Still, there are more benefits than annoyances so don’t pass up this shower head if lime and rust prevention is a priority.


  • Good and even coverage without single jets
  • No splattering
  • Mirror finish
  • Doesn’t take on water stains too fast
  • Nozzles with silicone gel


  • Loud regardless of water pressure

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NearMoon Square 12 inches

You can turn this at the top, allowing for better control of where the “rain” pours. People with small showers would benefit from this since poor direction of water flow can lead to a soggy bathroom.

It’s also recommended for short people. Unless you’re over 6 feet in height, your head and body will never bump into the pipe or square showerhead. All parts included are made to last, and feel that way. The chrome has no visible seams and it’s a given that it’ll be in your bathroom for many years to come.

It definitely has lots of attributes for shoppers to get excited over, but there is one thing to anticipate under certain circumstances. Leaks have been known to happen, especially if Teflon or PTFE tape (plumber’s tape) isn’t applied to the pipes during assembly. It’s highly recommended that you acquire this when settling on this model. If you do, you’ll find that the shower head is a great improvement over their rudimentary counterparts.


  • The showerhead tilts slightly for a more precise aim
  • Good clearance for short individuals
  • Durable and high quality parts


  • May require Teflon or PTFE tape to prevent leaks

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Our Choice

Which of the rain shower heads shown in the reviews is your favorite? Five were evaluated, but only one receives top recommendations. That product is the Voolan 12 inches rain shower head.

As pointed out, having a shower head with good flow rate and fast assembly separates the normal bathroom fixtures from those that are consistently in-demand. Based on this, this model is the best rain shower head since it features all of these attributes. But don’t let that stop you from checking out the others, more so if there’s a feature provided that suits you better. One thing is for sure, you’ll be able to experience shower time as you’ve never done before.