Are you thinking about buying a pressure side pool cleaner, but don’t know if it’s the right fit for you?

We’re here to help. We have researched the purpose and benefits of pressure cleaners and have compiled a list to help you determine the best pressure side pool cleaner for your needs.

But if you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best pressure side pool cleaner is, then our recommendation is the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280.

A Quick View of Our Rating

Our #1 rated – Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

Our #2 rated – Zodiac Mx6

Our #3 rated – Pentair Kreepy Krauly LL505G

Our #4 rated – Zodiac F5B

Our #5 rated – Zodiac 6-120-00

About Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaners are devices that can be attached to your pool to help you maintain its cleanliness. They attach to your pool’s existing water-jets and use the pressure and hydraulic power to clean debris from the surface of your pool.

This type of cleaner relies on pressure rather than suction, which keeps your pool filled. They are powered by the water already being pumped into your pool and thus require nothing more than an attachment tube to be run.

They work to distribute filtered water throughout your pool to prevent stagnant areas from accumulating debris build-up. The devices also loosen debris from your pool’s surface and gather it into a bag to prevent it from clogging your filters.

There are two main types of filters; those that work with low-pressure and those that need high-pressure.

Low-pressure cleaners will easily attach to your pool’s existing return ports and will be able to clean small amounts of debris.

High-pressure cleaners require a hook-up to a specified cleaner line that offers powerful pressure and suction capabilities to pick up larger debris.

Most people prefer high-pressure cleaners because of their constant level of power, automatic and quick cleaning times, less required maintenance, less equipment and they are cheaper in the long run than low-pressure cleaners.

How They Work

They hook up to a pressurized line and direct water into three interworking parts of the device; the sweeper tail, the thrust jet and the venturi.

The sweeper tail moves around in the water and helps to knock debris loose from the pool’s surfaces. It ushers the debris toward the device’s filter and into its debris bag.

The thrust jet pushes water out of the back of the device to push it in a randomized pattern to clean your pool entirely.

The venturi works as a vacuum that sucks up the large debris and stores it in an easily emptied bag.

Pool Water Jet

How to Choose the Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

Before you purchase a cleaner, you should first understand your pool’s needs.

If it is an outdoor pool without a covering, you will need a more heavy-duty cleaner than you would for an indoor pool. If you expect to have large debris, such as acorns or leaves falling into your pool, you will need a high-pressure cleaner to get the job done.

Type of pool you have

Heavy-duty cleaners can easily scratch softer materials like vinyl and fiberglass, so you will need to buy a lightweight model if your pool features either of these materials. You should be aware of the type of surface your pool has to ensure the cleaner you buy does not inflict damage to it during its cleaning cycle.

The type of pool you have also factors into the amount of pressure that it can output without added expenses.

High-pressure cleaners require a connection to a booster pump line dedicated for high-pressure cleaning. If your pool does not already have this line installed, you should factor in the price of adding a high-pressure line into the estimated cost of purchasing a pressure cleaner.


We suggest that you also consider the amount of time you would like to spend setting up, maintaining and fixing your pressure cleaner.

Many models require little attention once they have been set-up correctly. They can consistently run their three hours or less cleaning cycle without you having to constantly check if they are still covering your pool’s surface area.

Some cleaners are difficult to hook up properly, while others take only minutes. You should consider how much time you are willing to spend setting it up each time you would like to use it and how often you will be able to check on it to ensure it is performing properly.

Difference between Pressure Cleaners and Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners take care of fine cleaning needs often found in covered or in-door pools. They cannot clean out large debris from your pool effectively. Large debris like leaves, twigs and acorns will clog suction cleaners or not be picked up by them at all.

Pressure cleaners are best for outdoor pools that deal with large amounts of debris. They connect to already existing return lines into your pool and usually require no other source of power. They are capable of loosening small debris and gathering large debris.

What is the best pressure side pool cleaner?

Zodiac 6-120-00

This pressure washer’s design is lightweight and gentle on your pool’s surfaces. The main body of this cleaner floats along the surface of your pool, while a micro-sack is skimmed along the bottom of the pool to collect major debris.

Its design distributes its weight between the body gliding across the water’s surface and its collection bag is fish-tailed through the water. This option is ideal for those with vinyl and fiberglass pool surfaces. Its lightweight collection bag will not scratch softer pool surfaces while it cleans.

The washer constantly moves and circulates the clean and filtered water throughout the pool through its randomized sweeps. It takes 3 hours or less to finish sweeping up debris and gathering it in a reusable bag.

It features a 1.5-in threaded return line and a 32-ft flat hose that can reach every corner of most in-ground pools.

It also comes with a secondary jet that works along with the sweeper tail to loosen debris from your pool’s surface. This added feature allows this pressure washer to clean your pool in 3 hours or less.

Some users claim that one jet is prone to overpowering the other and keeping it from randomizing its sweep of your pool properly.


  • Sweeper tail and extra jet both work to free debris from surface
  • Weight distribution design allows it to be used on easily scratched surfaces


  • Hose is stiff
  • One jet is prone to overpowering the other

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Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

This pressure cleaner is versatile and cleans with maximum efficiency. Its 6.2-lbs frame makes it able to be used on any type of pool surface without worrying about scratching.

It is outfitted with a 31-ft hose to reach the lengths of most in-ground pools. It connects to your pool via a 1.5-in dedicated pressure cleaning line. This cleaner requires that you connect it to a booster pump.

The booster pump’s strength enables it to utilize its 2.25-in vacuum inlet to suck in large debris like acorns and leaves, and its in-line back-up valve prevents it from becoming stuck in corners or clogged with debris.

This model, equipped with a dual venturi jet vacuum, has powerful suction capabilities. It is a multifunctional pressure cleaner that can vacuum, sweep and scrub your pool simultaneously.

Its high suction power enables it to capture large debris,

It gathers the debris in an easily cleaned bag to prevent the debris from merely being brought to the surface and clogging your pool’s filters.


  • From a trusted company and highly ranked
  • Scrubs, sweeps and vacuums
  • Dual venturi jet
  • Powerful suction
  • Suitable for any type of surface


  • Requires a separately bought booster pump to operate

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Zodiac Mx6

This pressure cleaner offers the unique capability to clean the floor, walls and waterline of your pool. It works well with variable-speed and 2-speed pumps. It is also capable of being connected to both high-pressure and low-pressure valves and can still thoroughly clean your pool. The stronger the pressure, the better your pool will be cleaned.

This option is capable of powerful suction that enables it to climb and clean your pool’s walls and waterline. It comes equipped with bi-directional navigation that guides it across every portion of your pool.

It comes with efficient turbine blades that work with its Cyclonic leaf catcher to capture large debris. Its turbines also work to keep the water around it in constant motion to prevent clogging, and promotes constant suction power.


  • Wall climbing capabilities
  • Variable speed
  • Bi-directional navigation


  • Difficult to connect suction properly

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Pentair Kreepy Krauly LL505G

This cleaner’s design can tackle pools with inclined floors. Its design includes 4 wheels to ensure that it does not tip over while climbing or descending your pool’s incline. It is also equipped with front-wheel drive to create traction to prevent slipping.

This model specializes in cleaning dark pool surfaces where debris and mold tend to gather. Its large intake throat and sizable collection bag enable it to gather a lot of debris at one time.

This is a low maintenance option due to its hefty weight of 22.6-lbs and dimensions of 24x23x11-in. It will not be tossed around by currents or fall onto its side.

You won’t have to worry about regularly checking up on it while it is cleaning. Its weight will keep it secured to the pool’s floor and the large collection bag enables it to gather a lot of debris at once.


  • Large amount of debris can be gathered at once
  • 4-wheels plus front wheel drive
  • Low maintenance


  • Collection bag is secured with Velcro

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Zodiac F5B

This cleaner’s design is versatile and effective in any type of in-ground pool. It can reach up to 31-ft., effectively cleaning the entirety of most backyard pools. Its frame is 9.7×19.6×24.7-in and weight 16.3-lbs.

It is able to connect with the standardized 1.5 in pressure cleaner line, which ensures a powerful clean. This model requires a connection with a Polaris booster pump, from which it receives its power.

The addition of a secondary Polaris booster pump allows it to vacuum, sweep and scrub your pool effectively.


  • Versatile
  • 3-fold cleaning power


  • Gets stuck on stairs
  • Requires additional purchase of Polaris booster pump

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Our Choice

We believe that the best pressure side pool cleaner is the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280. It is built by a trusted company that ensures its products are designed and assembled for your needs.

It has a lightweight frame that works with all pool surfaces without worrying about scratching. It also has a large collection bag and powerful sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming capabilities.

This option offers the largest range of benefits for the average backyard pool and ensures that it will thoroughly clean your pool each time you use it.