Buying a humidifier can add moisture to very dry air throughout your home. It can also make those winter months more bearable when there is nothing but the wind to burn your face and cold. The right humidifier can change your home environment completely.

If you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best humidifier for large room is, then our recommendation is the Keecoon Ultrasonic.

I remember when we went looking for the best humidifier for large room, we wanted something that would keep my family comfortable and would last for as long as we need it. We found multiple styles and ways to run them that would be simple for us to use as well as long-lasting. What we found I broke into sections so that we could pick out the right one.

A Quick View of Our Rating

Our #1 rated – Keecoon Ultrasonic

Our #2 rated – Venta LW45

Our #3 rated – Aircare MA1201

Our #4 rated – Vornado EVDC500

Our #5 rated – Aircare HD1409 Digital

What should you look for in the best humidifiers for large rooms?

Ease of Use

Looking for the right balance of tech and simplicity is one of the first things you should look for. Not all humidifiers are easy to use or logical in design. The design of the humidifier should be logical enough that anyone can figure out how to program the humidifier or adjust the settings.

Easy to Clean

Humidifiers can become moldy and trap dirt. The humidifier you select should be easy to clean. Cleaning the humidifier should extend beyond taking the tanks off to sterilize in ease. The fan blades and motor should be easy to clean as well as the tank so that you can ensure the healthfulness of your working system.

Filter vs no filter

Some models of humidifiers do not come with filters. The design is easy to clean, but the design of the humidifier runs through the alternative channels for filtration. Often the filter uses technology or special types of ionization to purify the water and filter any impurities out of the air passing through the air.

Allergen control

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or catch the flu that goes around the office every year, you need to find a humidifier that not only humidifies the air but uses a filter. The humidifier will catch pet dander, pollen, and other allergens that can cause you to have trouble breathing or get you sick.

What is the best humidifier for large room?

Aircare HD1409 Digital

This model comes with an airbrushed nickel casing that can dehumidify a home up to 4000 sq. ft. It is easy for the average person to use with a digital readout that lets you know the level of humidity in the room, and you can adjust the levels of humidity and fan speed by changes to the settings.

The humidifier comes with an automatic shut off that will turn it off when your humidifier reaches the temperature you want. It will also turn off when the humidifier runs out of water. A special indicator button will turn on when you need to refill the water compartment.

On a single fill-up of water, you will have up to 55 hours of use before you need to refill the water chamber. Using your humidifier, you will be able to reduce the levels of humidity by up to 43%, which will help your family resist the flu virus and prevent the scratch throats that come from developing colds.


  • You can adjust the levels of humidity
  • Several speed settings
  • Easy to use
  • 55 hours of use without refilling


  • Too loud for some people
  • Leaks from the water bottle holding tanks were reported

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Venta LW45

This unit let you select the strength of your humidifier to fit the size of your home. The humidifier lets you choose to humidify 200, 400, and 800 ft. of space. As you humidify your room, you will be purifying it as well as removing dust, pet dander, and pollen.

The humidifier does not require a filter, so you will never need to change one and is energy efficient in operation. No white dust, ozone, or ions are part of the design as well. The humidifier comes with a 3-gallon water reservoir that includes an auto-shutoff and water level indicator to ensure you are aware of when the humidifier is running low on water.

You can combat the common cold and flu by adjusting the humidity levels around your home. Reducing the humidity in your home, your family will find themselves suffering very few colds, flu symptoms, or allergic reactions. You can even help your skin and help prevent it from drying out after exposure to harsh environmental pollutants you find outside every day.


  • It holds the level of humidity
  • Very easy to clean
  • Suitable for essential oils


  • The fan could be more powerful to circulate more air
  • Wheels and fan are difficult to clean

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Aircare MA1201

This model can humidify a house measuring 3600 sq. ft. You can adjust the humidifier using the built-in digital humidistat that will hold the humidity you want in your home exactly. Automatic shutdown occurs when the humidity is what you want or when the water tank is empty.

The humidifier uses a wick trap mineral deposit to filter your air and recirculate it back into your home. The wick trap is easy to clean and does not require you to replace belts, wheels, or pulleys that make the model operational. It can run up to 36 hours before you need to add more water to the 3.5 gallon tank. You can adjust the speeds of fans to 4 different settings that can meet your needs for all times of the day.

It comes with a single water bottle design that you can easily refill when empty. You can also easily check filter using the indicator that lets you know when it needs a cleaning. You can set the humidity levels by a percentage of humidity by single digits. By adjusting the humidity percentages, you can help your family treat allergy symptoms or the flu.


  • Digital control panel
  • Very intuitive unit
  • It takes up very little room in your home
  • Runs up to 36 hours
  • 4 fan speeds


  • Very loud, even on lower settings.
  • It goes through a lot of water in dry conditions.

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Keecoon Ultrasonic

This unit is a large capacity humidifier. You can add a little over 2 gallons of water into the humidifier and have it last up to 30 hours before you need to add more. The humidifier is a non-leaking system that places the water tank on the bottom of the design with the humidifier on the top.

The humidifier pumps water from the bottom upwards and mists your home with moisture-enriched air. Placing the tank on the bottom ensures no leaks around the connecting portions. The tank refill from the top of the design, meaning you don’t have to take the tank apart to refill it.

It uses smart speeds to let you choose 3 levels of mist from low to high with adjustable moisture output settings. You can adjust the amount of mist you require for different seasons or rooms in your home. The built-in intelligent sensor operates in real-time to monitor your indoor humidity and keep the environment ideal for your living arrangements.

The humidifier comes with a sleep mode, a whisper-quiet setting, and a 12-hour timer, so you can set a timer for when the humidifier turns on or off as you need. The humidifier will automatically turn off when the water tank is empty.


  • Designed to avoid leaks
  • Suitable for essential oils
  • Very simple to use
  • Remote control
  • Sleep mode
  • Built-in intelligent sensor
  • Quiet unit, less than 30 dB!


  • You cannot change the settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Settings were reported to reprogram themselves randomly

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Vornado EVDC500

This humidifier is energy efficient. Using the Energy Smart DC motor, it needs 90% less energy than a regular humidifier to humidify a space up to 1000 sq. ft. of home. You can customize your humidifier to control the humidity of your home from 40% to 60% output.

The system includes two 1-gallon tanks. The tanks are easy to refill and clean when empty. An auto shut-off feature activates when the tanks are empty to help prevent damage and to enable safe cleaning.

This unit is certified and has gone through testing to meet U.S. voltage requirements for safe use. Energy efficiency is something you can control as well as in manufacturing. The settings of the humidifier let you precisely control the degree of humidity to save energy and water.

The humidifier does not produce harmful smells or white dust and is safe to use in regular homes. In case of problems, the humidifier does come with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee and a 10-year warranty on the motor.


  • Low decibel ratings
  • Easy to clean and comes apart easily to do so
  • 5-year satisfaction guarantee
  • 10-year warranty on the motor


  • Water tanks can start to leak over time
  • Fan can come easily detached during cleaning

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Our choice

Setting the right temperature and moisture levels in your home should be simple. Finding the right humidifier that will not leak or quickly cause you problems can take time. In our opinion, the best humidifier for large room out of these 5 models is the Keecoon Ultrasonic.

It is a large capacity humidifier designed in an upright model. The humidifier fills from the top of the design, so you do not have any leaks. It uses digital controls to let you set the level of humidity your home requires. You can choose one of three different settings and enjoy a quiet environment.