Are those hills killing you when riding your bike? Or let’s say that you don’t feel very fresh after biking to the office, and having another shower over there is not an option. A bit of help while pedaling could be helpful, right?

In case you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best electric bike kit is, then our recommendation is the Theebikemotor.

If you are considering converting your bike, you should know that the best electric bike kit is the one that is easy to install and enables you to make your bicycle into what you need it to be. There are multiple kits on the market that can give you different results and help you to convert your current bicycle. The right kit will not only fit your bicycle but fit your lifestyle.

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What should you look for in the best electric bike kit?

Type of Kit

E-Bike Wheels

Most conversion kits will be E-Bike Wheel conversion. The kit will replace the front or back wheel of your bicycle with a new wheel that has special gears and a hub. The battery mounts in the hub separately from the converted wheel and is a good option for road bicycles.

You will purchase the kit with tire to fit your tire as exactly as possible. Often the kits require you to adjust how you attach the wheel because the sizing is not exact. If you replace the front wheel and the battery is in the wheel, it also tends to make the front of your bicycle heavier and difficult to steer.

Mid-Drive Conversion

A mid-drive conversion is very similar to a regular E-Bike with the battery mounting near the bottom bracket of the bike. The drive tends to be smoother and easier than if you need to replace a tire wheel because the weight is lower on the bike, keeping it out of the way. If you want to use for mountain biking, it is more likely to take damage from a lower, more exposed position.

Friction Drive

Friction driven bicycles place the weight of the motor on the rear wheel to push the bicycle forward. As with the bicycles that mount the motor on the front wheel, the back wheel tends to become heavier by the motor and harder to control.


A concealed kit is extremely expensive to attach to a regular bicycle. It is almost cheaper to buy regular E-bike. The kit installs inside a tube on the bicycle and is a good option for anyone wanting power as well as who is trying to hide the fact they own an E-bike.

Motor Strength

Before you buy any type of electric bike conversion kit, you need to know where you will be riding your bicycle and how much money you can spend on a conversion kit. The more powerful the motor, the more expensive it will be. If you live in an area where you will be going up and down hills, you will need a stronger motor if you are of average weight to ensure the full use of the motor.

If you are riding on flat surfaces through regular city environments, you can choose a kit with a less powerful motor and have it operate correctly. If you choose to use the bicycle for mountain biking or go up and down a tall hill, look for at least mid-drive motor to manage the incline changes and rougher terrain.

Pedal Assist System

A Pedal Assist System (PAS) is perfect for flat areas where you want to cruise for long periods. Not all kits come with a PAS.


Most controllers will display the important information you need for your conversion kits, such as the charge your battery has, the speed you are traveling, and the amount of power you are expending while you travel. You need the display to be fully functional, so you can properly obey traffic laws as well as know if your battery will get you home from work before requiring a charge.

What is the best electric bike kit?


This kit comes with a complete wheel replacement set, including rim and tire. The kit also comes with an easy-to-use LCD that lets you know the important information about your new electric bike such as the battery power, your mileage, and your speed. You can also learn about your gears and keep track of the time.

It features a dual-mode controller that lets your bike run under the Hall Effect and the Non-Hall effect to help extend the life of the motor. The system also comes with a PAS, so you don’t have to push yourself to get where you need to go.

The bicycle has a motor that is 80% efficient and runs on electric kinetic cell batteries. A minimum voltage of 48 volts is ideal for correct bike operation for up to 17 hours of run time. The kit is easy to take off and store in the accompanying travel bag to take it with you and keep it safe while you are not riding it.


  • PAS
  • Hall Effect or Non-Hall effect to help extend the life of the motor
  • LCD screen
  • Travel bag


  • Not water-resistant and will rust in the rain
  • LCD control is not intuitive

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This conversion kit comes customizable for your bike. You can start with selecting the right size of tire and determine what you need for your hydraulic or disc brakes. Your new kit will also come with a 3000 watt DC motor and a 60 amp controller. An MTX Sun Ringle rim, a throttle, and a brake leaver also come with the kit.

The motor has a double hall sensor with a 150 millimeter dropout that is perfect for anyone wanting to use a bike with disc brakes. The power source is a Panasonic cell battery offering 10 amps with a high discharge rate. Using the kit to convert your bike, you can help you bike achieve speeds up to 50 mph and give yourself the ability to climb hills easily.

The conversion kit comes with a 3.5-inch color TFT display screen that shows you all the important information about your bike. The screen will let you know battery power levels, your speed, mileage, and the gear ratio. If there is an error, you will also receive a report about the error so that you can track down the problem.


  • You can select the kit by the size of your tire wheels
  • 3.5-inch color TFT display screen
  • Max speed of 50 mph


  • You must be exact with your rim size of the conversion to work
  • Instructions are difficult to follow

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This model comes with a powerful brushless, gearless 1000 watt, 48-volt motor. The motor can improve the speed at which you bike travels and give you at least 28 mph speed. The system comes with everything you need to do a full bike conversion to an electric bicycle including a front wheel, throttle and brake handles.

It comes with built-in assistance features such as the PAS that helps you to cruise without overtaxing your leg muscles. New brake levers work to ensure your safety by cutting off power to the motor to prevent accidents.

The system features a 48-volt electrokinetic cell battery that requires a little more than 11.5 amp-hour capacity. It uses rare-earth metal magnets to help the motor run efficiently to produce the right amount of power for each type of situation. It also comes with the ability to let you switch between 2 power modes, so you can choose the amount of power you consume.


  • Rides up to 28 mph
  • 1000 watt gearless motor
  • PAS
  • Electrokinetic cell battery


  • Instructions are not clear
  • Motor has low torque

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This conversion kit comes with aluminum double-walled rims and a motor hub attached. The conversion is easy to do as all you need is to change the original tire with the kit conversion tire. The kit comes with a replacement electric tire, throttle, brake levers, and a PAS.

You can easily install the LCD on your handlebars, giving you the ready outs for your battery, the speed, and wattage. The PAS lets you ride with the bicycle in gear, taking a lot of the stress of peddling off of you. You can adjust your riding styles to your situation and time constraints.

The motor is a brushless electric motor that features 1200 watts of power with a 30 amp controller. The kit is waterproof with alumni rims that ensure rust will not take hold. You switch between different brake levers using a safety switch for the V type of brakes and disc brakes.


  • Brushless motor with 1200 watts
  • Waterproof
  • PAS
  • Easy to install


  • The tire that comes in the kit may be too big for some bikes
  • Controller may be too big for some people’s handlebars

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Bafang BBS02B

This kit lets you order the correct sized equipment for your bicycle. It will come with everything you need to convert your regular bicycle to an E-bike. The installation is easy, requiring you only to remove the crankset and the center shaft and install the powerful motor.

The kit fits most types of bicycles and can give you 2 different modes for riding, including a traffic mode and a regular mode. The motor is 750 watts of power, which is a medium amount of wattage for an electric bicycle. You will also receive an E-brake to ensure proper stopping power.

It comes with a power LCD screen that lets you know everything that is going on with your bicycle while you ride. The cable of the bike is IP65 waterproof with a moderate level of water resistance to help your bike keep going despite the rain.


  • You can use a forty-eight-volt battery or a fifty-two-volt battery for a more powerful ride
  • IP 65 waterproof bike motor
  • Big torque
  • E-brake


  • Cables are difficult to keep tidy and safe

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Our Choice

Bicycle conversion kits can add new life to your old bicycle. Many good ones on the market can make your old mountain bike into a street bike or help take you off-road. Of all the models we have reviewed, in our opinion the best electric bike kit is the Theebikemotor. It stands out a durable and affordable option to make your conversion work for the long term.

It provides you with the durability and strength to keep you going across multiple terrains. The kit comes with a powerful 3000 watt DC motor with a colorize LCD that ensures you know everything about your bicycle. The kit works with different types of brakes, and you can customize it for the size of the tire your bike uses.