Electric skateboards are the future of skateboarding. Gone are the days when skateboarding was a physically draining activity. Today, electric boards make it possible to cruise your way around campus without breaking a sweat.

If you are new to skating, knowing which electric board to pick can be somewhat confusing. They come with a wide array of features and specifications which can be perplexing to a beginner.

You don’t know where to begin? Here is your definitive guide for choosing the right skateboard, as well as in-depth reviews of the best cheap electric skateboard in the market.

In case you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best cheap electric skateboard is, then our recommendation is the Jizmo H2S.

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Our #1 rated – Jizmo H2S

Our #2 rated – TeamGee H8

Our #4 rated – UrbanPro

How to Choose an Electric Skateboard


Before you choose an electric board, you should first consider the quality of the product. What makes a quality skateboard? Top-grade materials are a marker of good quality. Some of the hardiest materials that are used to make skateboards include Canadian Maple and fiberglass. Any product made of these two materials is bound to be long-lasting.

You also want to look at the assembly of the product. Does it look like some screws or wheels might come falling off after a while? Is there attention paid to the detail of the board? Usually, skateboards made by small companies in the country are better in terms of assembly than those made in mass production factories outside the country.

Most times, you will have to choose between quality and price. Most superior quality products tend to be pricey, while the cheap ones tend to be of poor quality. If you intend to use your board only once a week to ride to the park, you can go for a lower-end board that will serve your needs. If, on the other hand, your skateboard is to be your primary means of transportation, invest heavily in it.

Intended Use

Different skateboards are made for various purposes. Some boards can’t stand a pebbled path, while others are made for steep hills and rough terrains. Some electric boards can withstand heavy use, while others will snap under pressure. Before you pick an e-board, ensure that it is well-suited to serve your purposes.

Weight and Size

Most electric skateboards are lightweight and compact, although you may occasionally find a bulky one. It is better to choose a light skateboard over a heavier one if you can.

Should you ever run out of juice and need to carry your skateboard, you will be thankful if it is light in weight. Additionally, if you often use your skateboard together with public transport on your regular commutes, you want a board that you can easily fit in your backpack and carry without running out of breath.

Battery Life

You also need to consider the battery life of the product you intend to buy. Most electric boards have a riding range of between 10 and 20 miles, although you may find some that are on either extreme.

Riding range is essential as it determines how far you can go with your board before you have to recharge it. If the distance between your home and school is 7 miles, buying a board with a riding range of 6 miles will be quite a waste.

You should also pick a product that charges quickly. The average charge time for these boards is between 2 and 5 hours. You should be skeptical about anything that takes longer than that.


Different electric boards come with varying speeds. You should consider the maximum speed of an e-board before making a choice. For a beginner, a maximum speed of 10 mph is more than adequate. If you are a more experienced rider, you can purchase boards with higher speeds. Some even have a maximum speed of 68 mph, which is quite outstanding. Before you splurge on such a board, however, make sure that you need that much speed in the first place.

Maximum Capacity

Finally, consider the maximum load capacity of the board you intend to buy. This is an easy thing to overlook, but it is critical, nevertheless. You want to make sure that the board you buy can comfortably support your body weight. Any electric board worth its salt will have a load capacity of over 200 lbs. Some, however, have a much lower capacity. If you are a bit on the heavier side, pay attention to maximum load capacity before you buy the board.

What is the Best Cheap Electric Skateboard?

Jizmo H2S

The most striking thing about this skateboard is its sleek and compact design. The deck has 7 layers of Canadian Maple, which makes it one of the sturdiest electric skateboards in the market. This professional-grade deck will undoubtedly serve you well for years.

The e-board weighs a mere 8.2 lbs. This property will come in handy if you need to carry the board on your shoulders regularly. Thanks to its compact design, the board can also easily fit into your bag for easier portability.

The product comes with Samsung batteries with a 6-miles riding range. Although the battery life is not all that spectacular, the Samsung batteries are top-quality products that will last for years. They fill up in only 2 hours, which is incredibly convenient.

The maximum load capacity for this board is 222 lbs. It is, therefore, suitable for kids and adults alike.

With a maximum speed of 12 mph, this skateboard is best-suited for beginners. There are 3 speed settings that you can handily control with wireless remote control.


  • Proper casing that protects the motor
  • Great customer support services
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories


  • Cannot ride the board in the rain due to short-circuiting
  • Difficult to brake to a standstill when sloping downhill

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TeamGee H8

This product boasts of being the slimmest electric board available in the market with a 0.5 inches thickness. The battery is enclosed in the deck, which offers protection. This also prevents short-circuiting in case of exposure to water.

This board is best suited to an intermediate rider since it has a maximum speed limit of 15 mph. Beginners can also enjoy riding it by sticking to the low-speed setting with a maximum limit of 10 mph.

The board also comes with remote control for convenient control. You can monitor the battery usage on the LED display on the remote.

This product is one of the most durable electric skateboards, seeing that it is made of 10 layers of Canadian Maple and one layer of fiberglass. It also has a striking design.


  • Fast charge times
  • An extremely durable deck
  • Highly maneuverable
  • 15 angle hill climb


  • Poor assembly
  • Limited load capacity of only 160 lbs.

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If you are looking for a cool skating board, this one is an easy choice. This black e-board will get you just the attention you want as you cruise around campus or in your neighborhood.

The deck on this board is made of 11 Maple and fiberglass layers, which is saying something about the board’s durability. It also comes with a 12-month warranty for the board, and a 3-month warranty for the accessories.

Maneuvering inclines with the board is quite easy. The board also has a remarkable grip, which allows for smooth riding even in not-too-flat surfaces. You also get a 10-mile riding range, which is higher than the average.


  • Exceptional 24/7 customer support
  • Superior quality wheels
  • Outstanding grip
  • High maximum capacity of 265 lbs.


  • Batteries are prone to destruction due to overcharging

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Our Choice

An electric skateboard, if chosen well, can prove to be an invaluable asset. Some of the factors you should consider when buying a board is the quality of the product, the riding range, and speed.

The best cheap electric skateboard is made of top-grade materials such as Canadian Maple and fiberglass. The parts should also be assembled appropriately. If you find a lightweight skateboard, by all means, go ahead and choose it. You will be grateful for this any time you have to carry the board.

From the products that we reviewed above, the Jizmo H2S is the best cheap electric skateboard. It is incredibly light in weight, made of durable materials, a sleek design, and an excellent riding range. Better yet, the product also comes with Samsung batteries, which are known for durability and high quality. It is the e-board of choice for the discerning rider.