If you don’t have time to go through the whole article, and just want to know what the best air compressor for home garage is, then our recommendation is the Makita MAC5200.

If you are a DIY fanatic, you need to have an air compressor at home. Apart from fixing flat tires, if you are equipped with a good unit you will take your home repair jobs to the next level. If you want to buy the best air compressor for home garage, you should figure out what your needs are for the long term and consider some technical stuff. The right air compressor can take time to find and research. But don’t panic, we will help you to do your homework before your final choice.

A Quick View of Our Rating

Our #1 rated – Makita MAC5200

Our #2 rated – Eagle EA-6000

Our #3 rated – Dewalt DCC2560T1

Our #4 rated – Metabo HPT

Our #5 rated – California Air Tools CAT-10020

What should you look for in air compressors?

These are the main technical features you need to consider to find the best air compressor for home garage.


The air compressor you select has to be able to withstand the amount of pressure your jobs need. This is measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). If you work on home jobs, you are likely to need something with less PSI and more portable.

Compression power rate

This is the volume of air your unit is able to flow. It is referred in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Lower CFM is ok for basic home repair or light duty work. The Standard CFM (SCFM) rating compares different models at the standard pressure of 90 PSI.

Fuel Capacity and type

When you select an air compressor for your garage or job, you need to know what kind of fuel the air compressor will take. Air compressors use electricity and gas to operate. A regular garage will have plenty of electricity to run a standard air compressor. A stationary air compressor, larger and more expensive, is something you can wire directly into your garage.

A gas air compressor is a good choice if you expect to travel with it to unfinished job sites where electricity might not be readily available. They are also good for larger home settings where you cannot extend the electrical cord far enough, such as a farm.


The decibel (dB) level is hard to find in a range that is quiet enough for neighborhood use. Most air compressors are not quiet, but if you can find one within a range of 50 to 80 dB, you are less likely to disturb your neighbors. You also will only need to wear moderate ear protection.

Pressure Gauges

The air compressor you purchase needs to have ready outs for the amount of PSI you require as well as fuel levels. As you are working, you have to keep an eye on your pressure gauges to make sure the compressor is working correctly, but also to make sure you are within the range you need to be for your project.


If you plan to travel with your air compressor, you need to look for a smaller model that you can move easily. You also need to find one with wheels to help preserve your back and maintain the quality of the air compressor.

Quality Design

Quality design and high-quality manufactured products mean using stainless steel or cast iron to prevent rust. The welded frame and tank need to be quality welds, and the wheel carriage and wheels need to be solid quality to prevent damage to the air compressor as you move it. Quality design and manufacturing will also extend the longevity of the machine.

What is the Best air compressor for home garage?

Eagle EA-6000

This unit comes in two different styles and three different sizes. You have the choice of selecting the hot dog or side stack styles for your home garage. You can also select from 4 to 6-gallon tank capacity.

Built with sturdy wheels on one side and feet on the other, it is easy to move around your workshop no matter what style and weight you select.

The motor produces only 53 dB, which is quiet enough for at-home and neighborhood operation. It doesn’t need oil to keep the double piston pumps moving. Made to be convenient and low-profile, it draws low amperage at only 8 Amps that extends the life of the air compressor with a maximum of 125 PSI for your activities.

A dual push-lock comes installed to help regulate and adjust the pressure so you can work with someone else on single or multiple projects.


  • Extra quiet (53dB)
  • Low amperage (8 Amps), which is perfect for DC systems
  • Dual push-lock


  • Short life span
  • Week air hose

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Makita MAC5200

This model is a cast iron pump with a large Bore Cylinder. Cast iron helps make it durable and long-lasting with pistons engineered for performance within the cast iron pump. The cast iron easily comes apart for maintenance and cleaning.

The compressor comes with a large, powerful 3 horsepower (HP) motor that can produce up to 6.5 SCFM. The pump oil comes with extra lubricant to help keep the pistons running smoothly and reduce wear and temperature buildup. A 5.3-gallon tank attaches to the compressor, helping push operating pressures up to 140 PSI, which is enough for two people to use a nail gun on a roof.

The design includes a folding handle that helps make the air compressor travel and store easily. Large and durable back wheels help make the air compressor easy to move from garage to worksite. It has a built-in storage for extra air filters and other air compressor accessories, including room for a 50 ft. 3/8 inches air hose to extend your activities away from your air compressor.


  • Cast iron
  • Longevity
  • 3 HP motor
  • Added safety to prevent thermal overload
  • Folding handle
  • Large wheels to be portable


  • Weak crankshaft
  • Trouble starting in cold climates

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California Air Tools CAT-10020

This air compressor has a powerful 2 HP engine. The engine bolts to the large 10-gallon steel fuel tank, reducing space and making the air compressor very upright. The design lets you move the air compressor all over your garage and out to work sites without weighting the back of the compressor down.

It is oil-free, helping make it easier to move and maintain. An easy start valve helps you cold-start the compressor without a load, while only drawing 1 Amp. It operates at the maximum of 14 Amps on its highest settings.

The motor runs at 1,680 RPM helping to drop the noise levels down to 70 dB and reducing the wear on the compressor. Quick-release connectors allow you and your coworkers to use the air compressor with up to two different power tools and switch them quickly. You can run larger power tools as well for multiple types of jobs inside and outside a home garage.


  • Cold-start feature
  • Suitable for small and large power tools
  • Two power tools can run seamlessly together


  • Automatic shut off
  • Small wheels

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Dewalt DCC2560T1

This unit has everything you need to start your home improvement projects. It has a maximum voltage of 60 volts producing 2.5 gallons of compressed air. The air compressor also produces 69 dB of noise only.

It can produce up to 1,220 nails per charge and is convenient for most workers to use around the garage and home. The air compressor has a one-turn regulator to help produce an accurate pressure adjustment for the exact PSI you need to do your work. It weighs only 21.5 pounds.

The design lets it be cordless. A lithium-ion battery runs the compressor, which you can easily change when the battery dies.


  • 3-year warranty
  • 1,220 nails with every charge
  • Oil-free
  • Cordless.


  • Batteries go flat quickly
  • Pressure gauges can be off

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Metabo HPT

It is designed to be small and portable. This model is cast-iron with an oil-lubricated pump that helps keep the compressor operational for years on proper use. The compressor has up to 15 Amps which delivers efficiency in every job.

Industrial air pressure gauges are steel manufacturing for quality and performances, letting you know exactly the levels of PSI and fuel you are using. You can adjust the degree of pressure from 105 to 135 PSI to help the compressor cycle less frequently. At only 52.9 pounds, the air compressor is easy to move around and use at job sites and around your garage.


  • Cast-iron
  • 15 Amps
  • Lightweight


  • Performance in cold climates
  • It is difficult to change the oil

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Our choice

When you need a reliable air compressor, you need to find one that is portable and powerful enough to get the work done around your garage, or anywhere else. For portability and quality of performance, our verdict in this review was that the best air compressor for home garage was the Makita MAC5200.

This model is very easy to use, portable and powerful. Designed to fold for easy transport and storage as well as being cast iron construction. A 3 HP motor keeps the temperatures down and the air compressor running smoothly.