Welcome to Fresh Big Bang!

The idea of creating Fresh Big Bang started after my first child came to this world. Till that moment I was concerned about environmental issues, wellbeing and all this kind of stuff, but no action was really taken from my side.
But if you have children, you probably understand the amazing change in your life which comes with them. It is not only that your everyday is completely different, but your approach to life and to all the things around you becomes much deeper, and being concerned is not enough anymore. Action is needed!

I started to ask myself what I could do to make my children’s life better, and to give them the best possible wellbeing and education. And then, all became clear. We all can make this world a little bit better every day. We all deserve it! That is how the first idea of Fresh Big Bang came to my mind.

Our mission

Our mission in Fresh Big Bang is to help everyone to take small steps in order to have a cleaner, fresher and healthier environment, not only at home but everywhere you go. We believe that this Positive Tendency is unstoppable. It will take more or less time and effort, but there is no way back.

We believe that progress and sustainability are meant to grow together. We want to have the best breathable air, the best drinkable water, the cleanest energy, we want to enjoy a full urban mobility without causing any bad impact to ourselves, we believe in recycling, but most of all, we believe in helping others. Our aim is to provide you with high quality information and research-based advices.
Let’s do this together! Let’s lead a Positive Tendency!

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